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·         Frame by frame transfer of Regular 8mm and Super 8 Home Movie Transfers, Sound (Magnetic or Optical) or Silent

·         Frame by frame transfer of 16mm Movie Transfers, Sound or Silent

·         VHS NTSC, VHS PAL, VHS-C, Super VHS, Hi-8, Digital 8 and Mini-DV transfers

·         12” LP records, 7” 45s records, cassette, reel-to-reel tapes to audio CD.


All services available via mail order or in-person drop-off. 

Local Hudson Valley in-person drop off available in Dutchess County, just north of Westchester.

ALL WORK PERFORMED ON PREMISES - Your films are not moved to another location or sent to a 3rd party!

We are 90 minutes north of New York City NYC, 90 minutes south of Albany, NY.
50 minutes east of Middletown, NY (Orange County) and 40 minutes west of Danbury, CT (Fairfield County).

Get it your way - talk directly with the technician.

Questions / Info / Orders Call 845-797-7496. 7 Days a week.



Ferin Films Film to Video / DVD Transfers  - Quality and Affordability

Our commitment is to give you a high quality product at an affordable price.  We encourage you to shop around and compare prices.  We are sure you will find that when comparing us with other companies that produce high quality video like this, our prices will be the best.   Time and care goes into producing these transfers so you will enjoy them for years.


Professional Film Transfers

8mm / Super 8 / 16mm film transfers are performed with a frame-by-frame film transfer unit.


Forget using those film old transfer boxes.  They add textures to the image and bright areas are washed out.  Our system captures the image directly off the film.  You can actually see the film grain, showing that you are viewing the best possible picture from those tiny little frames.  We will capture the entire frame.  See our Sample page.


I have seen other professional companies produce transfers that are washed out and flicker from using an inferior process.  What made the transfers even worse, they were sound films that were transferred at the wrong speed!  I guess no one wondered why everyone in the film talked slow and in a baritone voice or as a chipmunk.  Home sound and silent movies are typically 18 fps (Frames Per Second) while studio produced films are typically 24 fps (including commercial super 8 films).  When you use our service to transfer your films, the transfer you receive will be at the correct speed.  



Personal Attention – Talk Directly to the Technician 

We strive for personal attention.  If there are any questions with the transfer, we will talk with you to make sure it is performed correctly. All work is done on the premises. Your films, tapes and records will not be sent out to a 3rd party!



Sound or Silent Transfers!

We offer sound and silent film transfers.  Standard 8mm films are silent.  Super 8 films can be silent or have sound.  Virtually all sound super 8 films in the US have a mono sound track.  If you have sound movie film, we can perform transfers of the common mono film sound tracks.  We also provide transfers of stereo films for the same price as mono films.  If you don’t know what you have, don’t worry, we will make sure the transfer is stereo if you provide us with a stereo film.


Sound transfers cost more than silent transfers do because it is a labor intensive two pass process.  First the video capture is performed, then the audio.  They are then synchronized at the correct frame rate so your picture and audio can be viewed correctly.



Standard or High Definition Transfers!

We offer transfers to standard definition and high definition video formats.   For more information, please read our Transfer Your Films To Standard Definition or High Definition Video page.



Transfer Your Memories to DVD with Titles Menus and Chapters!

When transferring your memories to DVD, our goal is to make the films enjoyable and easy for you to navigate.  We will create new chapters with titles at the start of each reel of film.  If you have multiple reels, simply identify the desired order of the reels and the titles that you would like at the start of each reel.  We will also provide chapters within each reel, for reels that are longer than 50 feet.  We will attempt to place the chapter markers at a place that seems appropriate to allow you to skip through your video. 


You may find that other places say that they put a chapter mark every 5 minutes.  These marks do not correlate to any particular scene change or situation.  While we do not specifically put a chapter every 5 minutes, we want to give you the personal touch and will put chapters where it seems logical based on your specific action in the film, giving you a natural scene selection.


Services Others Don't Provide - Your Custom Titles!

Before the start of each film reel or video tape, a title is displayed listing the events on the reel. For example, "Florida Vacation with Mom and Dad - 1964". Depending on how much information you have, you could comfortably list up to about 10 lines of about 40 characters per line. Just bring a list with you, and that information will be added to the video. No need to keep separate notes with your DVD. All the information is on the DVD!  



Services Others Don't Provide - Avoid Video Tape Junk!

Often a video tape will have personal home video, along with clips of TV shows that are stuck on the end or between segments. These unwanted items can be skipped at your request - and at no charge!  


Services Others Don't Provide - Custom Case!

Your DVD will be placed in a custom case created from the film content and titled as you wish. For example, "Smith's Home Movies", "Tommy and Mike - The Early Years", or whatever you would like for a title for your case. If you have your own photo that you would like to use on the cover, for example a wedding photo, family portrait, etc, that is fine... and no extra cost.


Services Others Don't Provide - Just Ask!

All service is personalized for you. Frequently customers ask for have something done this way, or that way, put things in this order, or some other kind of unique request. If there is a certain aspect you would like handled a certain way, just ask.



Transfer Your Memories to Digital 8, Mini DV or a Hard Drive!

If you wish to create your own DVDs, we are happy to transfer your films to Digital 8 tape, Mini DV tape or a Hard Drive!.  Then you can do all of the production yourself, exactly as you wish it to be done.  Standard definition transfers can be put to any of these formats.  High definition transfers must be put to a Mini DV tape or a Hard Drive.



Option To Narrate Your Old Films

If you are able to travel to our Dutchess County location, we offer the ability to have you come in and narrate your own films.



Transfer your old LP Albums, cassettes, 8-tracks and Reel to Reel tapes to CD.

We have professional audio transfer and restoration services available at the lowest costs you will find.  If you have an LP or tape that you want on CD, we can transfer it and remove the hiss, snaps, crackles and pops! Tapes can be mono, stereo or quad / quadraphonic.



Price List

In an effort to be as flexible as possible, we offer many different types of transfers and combinations.  Please review our Price List.  Prior to sending us your films, please send us a list of everything you wish to transfer and we will recommend the number of DVDs needed and the total cost.


If you have a format not listed or have some other special request, please contact us. We have accommodated many different requests. Personal attention is what has given us happy repeat customers.



We Do It All – Multiple Film and Video Conversion Choices

In an effort to be as flexible as possible, we offer many different types of transfers.   



We Do It All – Multiple Audio Conversion Choices  





You can view some of our customer recommendations on our Order Page.




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We are in Dutchess County 90 minutes north of New York City NYC, 90 minutes south of Albany, NY
50 minutes east of Middletown, NY and 40 minutes west of Danbury, CT.

We are just north of Westchester county, NY.


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